How life held me yesterday … and led me today ;-)

I kept coming back to this article again and again written by a dear friend, Kiran Gulrajani.
When I go through the article, it is like reading about my mind. The many twists and turns it throws as a result of which polarities start coming up and take me on a pendulum ride. Kiran’s journey on the simple decision to meet his beautiful daughter at her school mirrors my own journey that happens in the simplest of decisions sometimes.
I love the way in which he has noted down the conversation with his daughter. It reminds me of the tenderness my father would often extend to me when I would talk to him after my school and brings tears to my eyes.
Love speaks through the quiet and unspoken which often gets conveyed through meaningless conversations.

Let's learn and create together !

Sufii Sahyadri 30jun13

I was all set and excited to go to the Sahyadri Study centre..
I would enjoy the peace and quiet reflection time. Reading, writing, simply being. Nourishing myself.
I may even get to meet my daughter, Sufii, my dearest angel and spend time with her.
And who knows, I might even get the opportunity to meet the principal and explore possibilities of contribution to Sahyadri.

I had come back from Blore in a hurry after two half day review sessions for two teams of Yahoo! … letting go of the delicious opportunity to meet many friends. And revel in conversation, togetherness and marveling at life.

All packed, I went to spend a little time with a very dear friend just before taking off. Flowing in conversation with her, something that she said, shook me deeply. She observed that I was avoiding often entering into the pain of separation from Sufi…

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Deepti G Gujar loves to walk through life as openly as she can. Over the years spiritual practices such as past life regression therapy, Inner Child work, Rebirthing-Breathwork and EFT have entered her life and have answered some of the deepest questions that have happened to her since childhood. She loves to share her insights, lessons and discoveries through this blog. She also shares these tools with those who wish to deepen their own experience of life. For this, she takes one-on-one sessions in Pune and Mumbai, India. Feel free to share your thoughts and queries with her at:
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