The Man of Tao ~Chuang Tzu

Ever since my first “spiritual” workshop I feel a gravitational pull towards the Zen masters viz. Chuang Tzu, Lao Tzu and Ma Tzu. Most of their stories are related by beloved Osho. Especially when you do the transformational tarot reading on the website.

A poem I just came across:

The man of Tao acts without impediment,
He harms no other being by his actions,
Yet he does not know himself
to be kind and gentle.

He does not struggle to make money
And he does not make a virtue of poverty.

He goes without relying on others,
And does not pride himself
on walking alone.

The man of Tao remains unknown.
Perfect virtue produces nothing.
No Self is True Self.
And the greatest man is nobody.

Waterfall cascading into Li Jiang River, Yangshuo, Guangxi, China.

The website of Chuang Tzu’s poems is here:

About Deepti G Gujar

Deepti G Gujar loves to walk through life as openly as she can. Over the years spiritual practices such as past life regression therapy, Inner Child work, Rebirthing-Breathwork and EFT have entered her life and have answered some of the deepest questions that have happened to her since childhood. She loves to share her insights, lessons and discoveries through this blog. She also shares these tools with those who wish to deepen their own experience of life. For this, she takes one-on-one sessions in Pune and Mumbai, India. Feel free to share your thoughts and queries with her at:
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2 Responses to The Man of Tao ~Chuang Tzu

  1. Vince says:

    Just a friendly correction: Chuang Tzu & Lao Tzu are not Zen masters, they are the founders of Taoism. Zen is a form of Buddhism, Tao is not, although Zen does incorporate some elements of Tao.


    • Hi Vince,
      Thanks so much for the correction! Yes I have read this somewhere else too that the two are different. However, in my mind it’s all blurred. So thanks for clearing it up! 🙂
      Love and Light


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