Single story

Recently a friend shared this lovely TED talk. It got me to question so many stories I told myself. I had started writing a book on my journey a few months ago. And approximately 5000 words down, I quit. I realised that the story that was coming through was one-sided. I didn’t buy it myself that this is the journey of my life. Through this video I can now place this feeling. I am glad I didn’t persist. It came from a point of view that this happened to me. I am rewiring my own story these days in my mind with another point of view – this happened for me. It is a gentle way of dropping the need for stories.

Sometimes we are too intent looking at one side, not knowing we are the ones casting a shadow on the other side.

I hope this talk inspires you and makes you gently question your favorite single stories.

~ Thanks Rhea D’Souza for armfuls of inspiration 🙂 Dedicated to you. 

About Deepti G Gujar

Deepti G Gujar loves to walk through life as openly as she can. Over the years spiritual practices such as past life regression therapy, Inner Child work, Rebirthing-Breathwork and EFT have entered her life and have answered some of the deepest questions that have happened to her since childhood. She loves to share her insights, lessons and discoveries through this blog. She also shares these tools with those who wish to deepen their own experience of life. For this, she takes one-on-one sessions in Pune and Mumbai, India. Feel free to share your thoughts and queries with her at:
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9 Responses to Single story

  1. Akhila says:

    Great Post Deepthi! Thank you sooo much for sharing!! 🙂


  2. Chitra says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful talk ( Som and I are great fans of TED talks) and the idea of ‘a single story’………:)))


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