Unity Breath Meditation

I was at a beautiful retreat of experienced facilitators, teachers last month. One of them, with whom I have long since associated as my teacher, Nithya Shanti, conducted a profound meditation that deeply touched my heart. It is inspired by indigenous traditions and taught by the very amazing Drunvalo Melchizedek. Drunvalo is the author of the book, “The ancient secrets of the Flower of Life“. I ‘bumped’ into his work way back in 2010 when I repeatedly kept hearing the term flower of life in my ear. Consequently in a guided meditation I saw the symbol, read up about it and spontaneously felt like making it into the symbol for CRÈA, a word I received through the meditation.

Here it is – the “Unity Breath Meditation” that centers one between Mother Earth and Father Sky. It is said to establish oneself as an anchor for the earth especially in her tumultuous times:

From http://www.mrwallpaper.com/wallpapers/Earth-View-Space.jpg

About Deepti G Gujar

Deepti G Gujar loves to walk through life as openly as she can. Over the years spiritual practices such as past life regression therapy, Inner Child work, Rebirthing-Breathwork and EFT have entered her life and have answered some of the deepest questions that have happened to her since childhood. She loves to share her insights, lessons and discoveries through this blog. She also shares these tools with those who wish to deepen their own experience of life. For this, she takes one-on-one sessions in Pune and Mumbai, India. Feel free to share your thoughts and queries with her at: spirit.of.crea@gmail.com
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