Drunk on Gratitude

Gratitude is the wine for the soul.
Go on. Get drunk.
~ Rumi

As I read this today, I thought of all the moments I have felt truly drenched in a state of overwhelming gratitude recently –

  • When I had a soulmate connect to me spontaneously a few weeks back who gave me this compliment in the form of the reasoning – “Whatever you are doing right now is creating an amazing energy. I couldn’t resist the pull to connect to you” 🙂 I am so grateful for my heart opening up and attracting a wonderful person in my life who defines the word soulmate!
  • When my brother and I filled our house with (more) music – him playing the flute and me playing the violin in sync! It made my heart leap with joy! I am so grateful for having such an awesome companion as my brother and am truly grateful for being blessed with music! 🙂
  • When I was up until the wee hours of the dawn sharing the many layers of my life and connecting to a soulmate deeper than I ever have! I am so grateful for this bond of the souls that far transcends the relationships we can have. I am also grateful for all the challenges in my life that have deepened my understanding and acceptance of human relationships beyond my age.
  • When I cooked my grandmom’s favourite recipe under the supervision of my mother and it turned out to be exactly the way my Baa (grandmom) cooked. I am super grateful to that soul connection with her that manifests itself in the form of my cooking. I know she is the one who guides my hands. 🙂
  • When I was swept away by grief and felt like I had no one or nothing to rely on anymore and I connected to my own self in my deep meditation at the Pyramid Valley. I am overwhelmingly grateful for this deep, dazzling darkness within me which forces me to acknowledge that I can’t escape love, no matter how hard my ego is.
  • When I could simply give away some expensive products that I no longer felt attracted to. I am swimming in gratitude patting my back acknowledging how abundant I am to be able to give! 🙂
  • When I wake up shivering in bed and see so much light flooding in through the windows and I feel so grateful for the house I am in. All my life I longed for a house filled with light and I am so deeply grateful that there is just light, light and more light! 🙂
  • When I feel guided to open a random page from the book of Rumi’s poems and I instantly feel connected to something bigger than me….that larger than life divinity who is constantly whispering to me kindly. I feel shaken by gratitude for the hugeness, the grandness of life which breaks down all my little doors of comfort zones….and makes me sit up and notice and go “Wow!” 🙂

Incidentally, a friend of mine shared with me that today her gratitude list went up to a whopping 60!!! I was amazed!

So what gratitude are you getting drunk on these days? 🙂

About Deepti G Gujar

Deepti G Gujar loves to walk through life as openly as she can. Over the years spiritual practices such as past life regression therapy, Inner Child work, Rebirthing-Breathwork and EFT have entered her life and have answered some of the deepest questions that have happened to her since childhood. She loves to share her insights, lessons and discoveries through this blog. She also shares these tools with those who wish to deepen their own experience of life. For this, she takes one-on-one sessions in Pune and Mumbai, India. Feel free to share your thoughts and queries with her at: spirit.of.crea@gmail.com
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6 Responses to Drunk on Gratitude

  1. Silence says:

    Deepak Chopra is changing my life. Thank you


  2. Silence says:

    Deepti, how did you know it was a soulmate contacting you?


  3. Gratitude for this article. Dear!


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